It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all (some for nearly a decade!)on the Mind the Gap initiative. Your leadership in launching, and expanding gap funding programs at your own institution is a testament to the types of creative commercialization tactics, led by research universities, that are moving leading technologies from the lab to the marketplace.

With your supporting fund data, innovosource has developed and released gap funding related resources to support current/aspiring fund managers and stakeholders at over 200 organizations (research universities, hi-tech companies, government agencies, and early stage investors), including:

  • two, first-of-their-kind national reports on gap funding practices, tactics, impact
  • multiple web-based events and support material
  • speaking and moderating at professional organizations
  • visits many of your institutions to assist with your program development, present to stakeholders

Through this process, we have gained a better understanding of the role of gap funding in the emerging, early-stage capital continuum and it unique, and vital role in the innovation landscape. Now, more than ever we see an opportunity to stay vigilant in the tracking of these funds, to increase awareness and advocate for the legitimate support of these funds, and to act as connector between gap funded projects/start-ups and commercial and investment partners.  In other words, there is more to be done.

Moving forward, we have constructed three primary objectives for the future of Mind the Gap, each with corresponding initiatives, programs, and resources.

A few of the highlighted initiatives, include:

  • An open access site of global happenings related to translational research, proof of concept, and pre/seed stage university-affiliated gap funds
  • A new quarterly market report, similar to PWC Venture/CVR Angel to drive gap funding through timely information
  • Access to investor/corporate networks for gap funding pre-market technologies and start-ups
  • Gap Managers iWorkshops: A video-based web-discussion on the “hows” of the gap fund process

In order to facilitate this information exchange, we are forming a University Partner Network of those institutions interested in taking part in the data gathering efforts and investor/corporate showcases. Participation is free, and the program is set up to create far more value than the effort required. Please contact us through the following link for more information. Interested in joining? 

Thank you for your support and participation in the gap funding community to date. We look forward to working with you towards this new vision–inform, advocate, connect.
-Jacob Johnson
Founder, innovosource
Author, Mind the Gap