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An entire story about BioPharma corporate R&D gap funds (with no mention of universities)

By | May 29th, 2012|Corporate, Gap support programs, New Fund Announcement, Uncategorized|

I couldn’t believe it either.

A really good article released from GEN (Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News) underscores an emerging trend in pharma pre-seed gap funding investment in R&D as an answer  to a retraction of early stage VC from biotech and pharma sectors. One issue, how can you have a conversation about “Drugs” +”R&D”+”external partnerships” + “capital  valley of death” and not mention the collaboration with research universities?!. It befuddles (always wanted to use that word) my mind.  It was clearly an oversight in the complexity of the moment so I will append with  a few words how this trend might intersect with research universities/gap funding. […]

Student Seed Fund Helps Tomato Farmers

By | May 24th, 2012|Location, New Investments/Awards, Startup Fund, UK/England|

Postgrad students from Cambridge University have won a competition for innovators.

The final judging ceremony of the McKinsey Innovate 2012 competition, held at The Commonwealth Club in London produced victory for The Ethical Tomato Co, four postgraduate students on the university’s Engineering for Sustainable Development masters programme.

The annual contest, sponsored […]

Government of Canada announces new innovation money

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 22, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Canadian companies specializing in everything from natural resources to information technology are turning to researchers at local colleges to grow their businesses and create high-quality jobs, because R&D and innovation happen at all levels-from the academic labs all the way to the shop floor. […]

Tennessee INCITE fund invests in healthcare, business services, and the sports world

By | May 24th, 2012|New Investments/Awards, Startup Fund, State or Government, Tennessee|

The state of Tennessee’s INCITE fund has fueled more than $4 million in private investment in ventures including health care, business services and the sports world.

In an announcement, The Tennessee Technology Development Corp., which is administering the fund for the state, announced $4.4 million in private investment following $1.9 million from the government fund. […]

At New York University, It Takes A Lot More Than Grant Money To Fuel Innovation

By | May 24th, 2012|*Fund Types, New York, Startup Fund, United States, Venture Capital|

Scientific research is thriving at NYU. Not only does the university have an impressive track record of turning research grants from the federal government into patentable inventions, it also excels at nurturing relationships with New York’s entrepreneurial, venture capital and philanthropic communities. In the past several decades, more than 100 startups have been built on NYU discoveries and innovations. […]

University of Adelaide’s Commercial Accelerator seeks industrial proof of concept collaboration

By | May 22nd, 2012|Australia, Corporate, Proof of Concept (POC) Fund|

The University of Adelaide’s Commercial Accelerator Scheme (CAS) puts up to $150K into promising research projects with the hope to attract commercial partners and outside investment. The Scheme is set up to encourage industrial collaboration early in the proof of concept process (matching funds, other support).  […]

Philadelphia-based University City Science Center announces call for QED program

By | May 22nd, 2012|Accelerator/incubator, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Proof of Concept (POC) Fund, United States|

The QED Program will award up to $200,000 to up to four projects. Sixteen projects will receive guidance from market insiders and business advisors who add a commercial development perspective as investigators develop research strategies aligned with private sector interests. To date, QED has committed $2.4 million in awards to a total of 12 projects, leveraging nearly $9 million in private follow-on technology investment to date.  […]

U Colorado/State of Colorado matching fund supports seven bioscience companies

By | May 21st, 2012|*Fund Types, Colorado, New Investments/Awards, Proof of Concept (POC) Fund, Startup Fund, State or Government, United States|

The University of Colorado has just funded seven bioscience (five recent, two in fall of 2011) surrounding promising bioscience-based start-ups. Funding in the form of grants goes is directed toward proof of concept and seed-stage financing.

The program is a great example of collaboration between state agencies and research universities that directly leads to economic development (jobs, attraction, retention), capital attraction, and commercialization impact.

CU’s programs are highlighted in the Mind the Gap Report, and Leaders Series […]

Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club event draws discussion on the state of UK Venture Capital

By | May 16th, 2012|Location, UK/England, Venture Capital|

A Venture Capital Roundtable taking place at Judge Business School in Cambridge tomorrow evening will examine the effect that the global economic climate is having on VC investment in UK hi-tech.

Tony Raven, the new CEO of Cambridge University’s technology transfer arm, Cambridge Enterprise will be part of the panel ‘dissecting the hi-tech term sheet’ at the event


Purdue on tech transfer success, gap funding

By | May 15th, 2012|*Fund Types, Accelerator/incubator, Gap support programs, Indiana, New Investments/Awards, Proof of Concept (POC) Fund, Startup Fund, United States|

Purdue University is facilitating and encouraging startup creation through several investment funds, engagement with surrounding communities and investors, and one of the largest university-affiliated incubation parks in the country, which comprises more than 200 companies across Indiana and has provided about $22 million for sponsored research at the university since 1999.“We have several initiatives designed to encourage and expedite the transfer of new technologies to the public. First there is theTrask Innovation Fund (TIF), to support short-term projects that will enhance commercial value of Purdue University intellectual property assets,and the Emerging Innovations Fund.”