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innovosource is an awareness and strategy firm that partners with research universities and works on interactions with its key innovation partners (hi-tech companies, early stage investors, and advanced government agencies).

As part of our vision to shape the future of our partners and clients, we launch “conversation-building initiatives”, or offerings that challenge convention through the exploration of emerging topics that are vital to the future of early stage innovation.

Our first two initiatives are Mind the Gap and Pardon the Disruption (described below):

We have officially launched our first initiative, Mind the Gap, that investigates, reports, and shares information with current and aspiring gap fund (translational research, proof of concept, seed fund) managers at universities, government authorities, private investment firms, and corporations.Our primary resources include:

 (More information on About Mind the Gap page)

We are also piloting a new initiative, Pardon the Disruption, which seeks to create robust university innovation plans based on identified current and future technology and business challenges at high-tech companies and advanced government agencies.We have three high-tech companies willing to demo the unique process (in Q2) and are seeking a consortium of 15 research universities to participate. This is completely free to university partners (tech transfer, corporate relations units, research centers, faculty) and offers a unique way to connect to new innovation partnerships through identified needs. In addition, partners will receive assets maps of their university in each interest area that they can use to internally catalog resources and utilize in future relationships with other companies and agencies. (More information/Get involved..)




About the Founder

Jacob Johnson has a strong passion and history of creating innovative opportunities through an understanding and application of emerging global forces, new tactics, and relationship-building. His primary motivation in founding innovosource was to act as a partner to organizations in early-stage innovation to develop topics and services that may be cost prohibitive, difficult, or too disruptive to explore internally.Prior to innovosource,  Jacob was a consultant to the DARPA Microsystems Technology Office, and a founding member of three, technology transfer, business development and corporate relations units at the University of Minnesota. Jacob is a member of and a regular speaker at the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) and Network of Academic and Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO), and the Midwest Research University Network (MRUN).He is also the author and investigator of:

  • Mind the Gap (2005/20011),a roadmap report for current and aspiring fund managers and stakeholders as they investigate translational research, proof of concept, and seed  gap funds. Both reports combine program and impact details of over 100 different funds
  • Making the Connection, an assessment and forecasting exercise of emerging university-industry relations models and trends.

Jacob received BA degrees(biology, business) from Luther College, and a MSMOT-an executive business degree focused on managing/leading in high-tech and innovation intensive environments-from the University of Minnesota, which included residencies in England, Malta, Russia, Singapore, and Vietnam.