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Gap Funding: University-driven or partnered funding programs (translational research, proof of concept, seed funds) that are targeted at a major innovation issue — a lack of early stage capital to fund the evaluation and commercial transition of potential breakthrough technologies.

Mind the Gap is a conversation-building initiative of innovosource focused on investigating and sharing information related to gap funding practices associated with:

  • translational and applied research funds
  • proof of concept, prototype, and commercial feasibility funds
  • pre-seed/seed start-up investment funds
  • associated support programs that involve students, faculty, and technical/business community-building

As as an innovation tool, gap funding is already demonstrating impact in capital attraction/financial return, tech-based economic development, commercialization success, and community-building. This ability to fund and support the development of technologies and start-ups while aligning with innovation-related priorities makes gap funding attractive to current and aspiring fund managers and stakeholders at:

  • Research universities
  • National laboratories and hospitals
  • State and government authorities
  • Early stage investors (venture, angel)
  • Corporate technology and acquisition units
  • Service providers that support these operations

While gap funding is currently and will continue to play a critical role in funding and supporting technology and start-up companies through the “valley of death”, there is little available in terms of actionable information for practitioners and supporters. This lack of information slows progress within the community of practice and decreases the level of awareness to those stakeholders (organizational, policy, media, community, etc.) that are crucial to the growth and sustainability of these funds.


Mind the Gap/Gapfunding.org is an answer to this call to action. We have followed these funds for nearly a decade and believe that “the gap” is the most critical yet underrepresented stage in the new, innovation-capital continuum. With your help, we will work hard to develop and share the leading resources for gap funding practices.

Please take a moment to review our first set of resources and services:

GAPFUNDING.ORG: Open site for stories, events, and resources related to gap funding. We will use this as the primary communication and advocacy platform for the initiative. Whether through browsing, or active incorporation of the content into strategic plans, we will spread the reach of awareness surrounding emerging and creative gap funding practices. Some of the ways to get involved include:

MIND THE GAP 2012 REPORTFirst-of-its-kind, comprehensive analysis of 63 gap funding programs at 40 organizations. Over 70 global research universities, public organizations, and federal agencies are already using this information to develop their own programs. Access report>>

GAP LEADERS WEBINAR SERIES: Leading gap funding programs share insights and experiences. All past and future events come with support materials and on-going online access to the event to share with key stakeholders. Access events and webinars>>

CONSULTING SERVICESWe are seeking mature and emerging gap programs to explore our new initiatives in fund planning, benchmarking, staff development, and performance reporting of gap funding initiatives. We are also initiating investor relations and state partner programs. Let us work with you to develop, expand, and promote your gap funding programs. Access services>>


Shape the future,
Jacob Johnson
Founder, innovosource
Author, Mind the Gap 

Please contact us with feedback, ideas, and questions: connect@innovosource.com