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The following organizations are supportive partners of gapfunding.org and early stage innovation in general. They have a special interest in catalyzing early stage innovation through new information and support services.

Please consider them allies, partners, and resources to support your efforts.


innovosource is an awareness and disruptive strategy firm that works with research universities/labs and their key innovation partners (high-tech companies, early-stage investors, and advanced government agencies to develop new opportunities for interaction.We launch regular “conversation-building initiatives”, like Mind the Gap/gapfunding.org, to challenge convention and drive discussion surrounding emerging topics that are vital to the future of early-stage innovation
Midwest Research University Network (MRUN) is an professional association of business development officials  at midwestern universities, venture firms, incubators/accelerators, and other key stakeholders. Through its events, programming, and membership, MRUN is a catalyst for promising new start-ups and technology
The National Association of Seed & Venture Funds (NASVF) is global non-­‐profit alliance of public and private innovation capital. Established in 1997, NASVF was incorporated as a non-­‐profit and named the National Association of State Venture Funds.NASVF’s membership has over 800 members representing over 200 organizations represent:

  • Angel investors
  • Technology-­‐based economic development organizations
  • Seed and early-­‐stage innovation funds
  • University and Federal technology commercialization centers
  • National laboratories
  • Entrepreneurship centers
  • Incubators
  • Professional service organizations

Interested in becoming a supporter?

We can't hope to shape the future without the support and partnership of like-minded individuals and organizations. This resource is currently engaged with over 10,000 individuals, offices, and international organizations that are working to drive innovation.

Please contact us to find out how we can incorporate you in this initiative and promote your services, events, and resources.