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Hong Kong Baptist University sends memo on new $1mm POC fund

The University is proactive in introducing new funding channels to
facilitate knowledge transfer (KT) from academia to industry. The
Matching Proof-of- Concept Fund (MPCF) is established to enhance
knowledge transfer, particularly technology transfer, which is endorsed
and valued by the University Grant Committee (UGC) and the
Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC). Hong Kong Baptist
University is providing additional funding to intellectual property
creators at the University to establish proof of concept, identify a
development path and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy for
innovative ideas arising from their research.

MPCF aims to facilitate academic staff to demonstrate the industrial
potentials of their inventions and technologies, as well as to undergo
proper IPR management for effective knowledge transfer to local and
regional industries.

MPCF operates on a three-dollar-to-one (3:1) cash-matching basis up
to the maximum funding cap per project — $200,000.00 in total per
project. Up to 5 projects can be funded per annum.


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