Innovosource Launches Mind the Gap Report: The Best Program Development Guide for University Technology and Start-up Gap Fund Managers

MindtheGap_cover 3It has always remained challenging to overcome the crevice that exists between great ideas and the end products. Even though there are millions of breakthrough technologies and research projects, it has always remained challenging to face the crisis of capital and support that is needed to transform the idea into reality. In a bid to put an end to all such problems, innovosource offers the Mind the Gap report that seeks to help the current and aspirant gap fund managers. This 150 pages report unravels the opportunity for one to go through 82 active translational research, proof of concept, and start-up investment funds at 51 universities and affiliated organizations. In a bid to make it even more convenient and easy-to-understand, this report contains more than 50 charts and figures covering each and every surface of gap funding. Catering to the need of fund managers, stakeholders, and partners, this report enables one to have a guided road map towards development of a gap funding program.

One of the spokespersons comments, “Mind the Gap is the premier source for aggregated information regarding university-affiliated gap funding practices. It has been invaluable to us in our ongoing efforts to evaluate creative approaches for structuring seed and early-stage investment collaborations with universities and federal labs. Mind the Gap represents a valuable connection point to universities with leading edge commercialization programs, and as a result, a source of market-leading technology opportunities.” Such testimonials are the true reflection of the engrossment that innovosource offers.

With focus areas like emerging model for early stage capital, modeling the gap funding process, fund source and sustainability strategies, fund management, fund process, support programs, fund impacts and lastly success stories, the Mind the Gap report seeks to help to address the issue of technology and start-up gap funding. The Mind the Gap report undoubtedly remains the best choice for fund managers, stakeholders, and partners at Research universities and labs, tech-based economic development initiative and other institutions as well.

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In a bid to offer the best solution to the current and aspirant gap fund managers, innovosource offers the Mind the Gap report.