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CLP CE Accredited Program

The Mind the Gap Leaders Series is a set of highly interactive events and webinars that showcase specific funds. These discussions focus on emerging models, best practices, and trends that will be relevant today and tomorrow.

  • Current or aspiring university gap fund managers
  • State authorities seeking a creative mechanism for funding commercialization
  • Early stage investors, public, or private organizations looking for creative ways to work with universities
  • Policy-makers, professional organizations, and others interested in this emerging innovation practice

We are also advocates of making online events as “real” as possible , so we have created and launched the i-Workshop model. In addition, to the traditional webinar audio interface, these events will be unique in their use of telepresence and video capabilities for presenters and partners.

All events come with ongoing, online access to the event and special materials.




Event Date/Time Program Summary Presenters/Programs Cost Access
Gap Leaders Fall Series i-Workshop August-September 2012 This  series is meant for current and aspiring gap fund managers looking for a deeper understanding of  three critical components of gap fund planning and operation, including

  • Raising and Sustaining Funds (July 19)
  • Fund Process (promotion, evaluation process, advisory boards, marketing)(July 31)
  • Support Programs (student funds, faculty programs, community-building) (August 22)

These workshops will take you into successful programs and tactics and provide further materials that you can use in your program development. 

Including Children’s Hospital-Boston, Purdue University, Rutgers University, U Colorado, U Massachusetts, U Rochester, and more to be announced $149/each or $299/complete series MORE INFO


Webinar Program Summary
PROOF OF CONCEPT CENTER This 30 minute discussion with Rosibel Ochoa, Executive Director of the UCSD Von Liebig Center, takes an indepth look at the Center’s history, current programs, and its unique take on gap funding and regional community-building FREE ACCESS
UNIVERSITY FUNDS I This 90-minute discussion with the Insights Panel will introduce you to three, experienced and tested gap funding and support programs. The leaders discuss their unique gap programs and experiences, and then open it up to questions from universities of all sizes and international locations. The event is prefaced with information from Mind the Gap, an ongoing study of best practices in global gap funding programs. You will walk away from this experience with a set of best practices to move forward in your own program development.Fund Models: CalTech, U of Colorado, U of Maryland Mtech FULL DESCRIPTION/ACCESS
STATE-PARTNERED FUNDS This 90-minute discussion with the State Panel will introduce you to government-supported authorities that directly invest in university technology. These leaders have demonstrated that these “gap” investment partnerships have lead mutual impact in economic development and additional attraction of public and private dollars. Together, state authorities and universities form a powerful innovation mechanism that can assist in identifying and transitioning early stage technology into the marketplace.Fund Models: Maryland TEDCO, Michigan MIIE, Oklahoma i2E FULL DESCRIPTION/ACCESS
VENTURE-PARTNERED FUNDS This 90-minute, interactive discussion with the Venture Panel will introduce you to four, university-focused venture firms with a history of active investment into the “gap”. These leaders discuss their investments, insights related to partnering with universities and other technology authorities, and how to structure your programs to attract outside investment. The event is prefaced with analysis from the recently released Mind the Gap 2012 report, an ongoing study of best practices in global gap funding programs.Fund Models: Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, illinoisVentures, Osage University Partners, Partners Innovation Fund FULL DESCRIPTION/ACCESS