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Gap Fund Managers i-Workshop Webinar Series 


The Gap Fund Managers iWorkshop Series is for current/aspiring gap fund managers and stakeholders. This series will goes beyond general fund overviews, to detail tactics and program considerations when creating and developing a gap funding program.

According to our experience with the 63 funds in the Mind the Gap the following are vital considerations for success:

All Mind the Gap events and workshops are CLP CE certified and come with ongoing online access to event and materials that your are encouraged to share with other units and stakholders throughout your organization.


Cultivating Support Programs That Enhance Gap Funds

Occurred August 22nd

Discussion Leader Organization/Focus Excerpts from Event/ Discussion Topics 
  Ray Johnson
Director of Commercialization, CU Cleantech
University of Colorado, BoulderFocus: Market Assessment Program (MAP)

  • Innovative Gap Support Programs¬†:¬†incorporating faculty/students into the evaluation and management process
  • Entre-faculty education:¬†Ways to use the gap fund process as a training/experience platform for you innovative faculty, students
  • Student and Faculty funds:¬†Student/Faculty-led and -managed gap fund programs
  • Mentorship/Community-building:¬†Tactics to engage technical, business, and investment perspectives from outside the university into all facets of your gap fund process


  Susan Engelhardt
Executive Director, Center for Innovative Ventures of Emerging Technologies (CIVET)Focus: Innovation Soundboard
  Christopher Wolfel
Northeastern Venture AcceleratorFocus: IDEA Program


Managing the Gap Fund Process

September 5th(12-1:30PM EDT)

Discussion Leader Organization/Focus Excerpts from Event/ Discussion Topics 
  Michael Rusnak
Deputy Director, New Ventures and Technology Development
University of Rochester

  • Fund Promotion¬†:¬†Tactics to spread the word/control the audience
  • Application Process:¬†Specific steps that the fund takes to filter potential gap fund candidates
  • Evaluation of Projects:¬†Criteria for selection and other evaluatory process steps, including:
    • Checklists, scoresheets
    • Tiered approaches
    • Incorporation of applicant in process
    • Advisory committees/Decision-authorities
  • Fund Administration/Feedback:¬†Approach to managing awards and investments to insure progress
  • The Pursuit of Process:¬†Learn what they learned. Failures
  • The Role of the External Advisor:¬†illinoisVENTURE and active university-affiliated venture firm will discuss important development, evaluation, and partnership considerations.
  Monique Yaokim-Turk
Partner, Technology Development Fund
Associate Director, TIDO
Children’s Hospital-Boston
  John Banta
CEO and Managing Director


Raising and Sustaining Gap Funds

September 19th(12-1:30PM EDT)

Discussion Leader Organization/Focus Excerpts from Event/ Discussion Topics 
  Elizabeth Hart-Wells
AVP and Director, Office of Technology Commercialization
Purdue University

  • Fundraising¬†:¬†How the funds were conceived, formed, and funded, including
    • Internal sources (royalty-streams, donations, endowments
    • Corporations
    • Early-stage investors (angels, venture Capital
  • Fund Sustainability:¬†Future plans for maintaining or growing funds
  • Trials, Challenges, and Victories:¬†Stories from the front-lines of fundraising and maintaining support. It‚Äôs often not easy, but here are some inside examples of how it‚Äôs done.
  Bill Rosenberg
Executive Director, Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property (CVIP)
University of Massachusetts System<
Abi Barrow

Director, Commercial University of Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center (MTTC)
University of Massachusetts System<

Moderator: Jacob Johnson
Jacob is the founder of innovosource and the author of the Mind the Gap fund report. In addition to moderating the session, he will include insights and statistics from the recent report on 63 gap fund programs.




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