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Leaders Series: State/Government-partnered Gap Fund Models

Featured Models: Maryland TEDCO, Michigan MUCI/MIIE, Oklahoma i2e (innovation 2enterprise)


Overview Ideal For:
This 90-minute discussion with the State Panel will introduce you to government-supported authorities that directly invest in university technology. These leaders have demonstrated that these “gap” investment partnerships have lead mutual impact in economic development and additional attraction of public and private dollars. Together, state authorities and universities form a powerful innovation mechanism that can assist in identifying and transitioning early stage technology into the marketplace.The event is prefaced with analysis from recently released Mind the Gap 2012 report, an ongoing study of best practices in global gap funding programs.All participants receive online access to event and event materials/presentations to share with key stakeholders.
  • Current or aspiring university fund managers who are charged with delivering economic impact
  • State authorities seeking a creative mechanism for economic development and commercialization
  • Early stage investors, public, or private organizations looking for creative ways to work with universities
  • Policy-makers, professional organizations, and others interested in an emerging innovation practice

 State Panel  Topics
Stephen Auvil
VP Tech Transfer and Commercialization
Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)
  • Fund overviews: Understand how these operations work with universities commercialize technologies. Each is unique in how it manages and positions its resources and staff in relation to university offices
  • Trends and drivers:  Hear about the motivations that lead to the development of these organizations and how they were championed at the state-level. Use this knowledge to drive or develop partnerships in your own state
  • Economic impact: Understand how these funding and support agencies have assisted in developing start-ups, creating jobs, and attracting additional capital to early stage technology
  • Facilitating an innovation ecosystem:Gain foresight into the performance and advantages of university technology through the experience of these agencies in managing activities important to university technology development - forming investor networks, managing SBIR/STTR programs, handling angel/investment tax credits, etc.
  • Managing the relationship: Explore the dynamics within state-university relationships
  • Best-practices: The panel will be prefaced with some findings from the recently released Mind the Gap 2012 report, a study of 63 university-managed and partnered gap fund models from 40 organizations
Marvin Parnes/Tina Bissell
Executive Director/Business Manager,
Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative (MUCI)
Michigan Initiative for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIIE)
Wayne Embree
Vice President for Entrepreneur Services
i2E (Innovoation to Enterprise)
Jacob Johnson (HOST)
Founder, innovosource
Author, Mind the Gap 

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Event occurred 2.29.12

All events come with ongoing, open access to the materials and video online. You are encouraged to share this access with others in your organization.

Cost: $75/event or $175 for all three Leaders events.

innovosource Mind the Gap events are certified for CLP CE credits