We are leveraging LinkedIn to create a forum exclusive to current and aspiring gap fund managers. This will be a place to field questions and share tactics, initiatives, and insights that drive successful gap funding programs.

Want a place to discuss issues that really matter to you and your gap funding programs? Want to tap into the rich network of experience and insights housed in the community.  Mind the Gap is launching a forum to facilitate these discussions.

Effective immediately, gap fund managers can access the Fund Managers Forum through a new LinkedIn Subgroup. This forum will act as a subgroup to the larger Mind the Gap LinkedIn presence, where news and events are shared.

Community Forum Rules:

  • You must be a current or aspiring gap fund manager from a university (or affiliated public/private entity)
  • You should strive to be an active participant in the community. We are looking for an engaged set of individuals that can create a group of action and advocacy
  • Absolutely no adverts for events, products, or services in the subgroup. This can be done in the main Mind the Gap LI Group
  • Sharing of news and events should be done directly through the gapfunding.org site

Please join us for the discussions