Fund Services

These consulting and reporting services draw from nearly a decade of experience in tracking translational research, proof of concept and start-up funds and following innovative structures and methods at over 100 technology and start-up gap gap funding programs. Our service offerings are formatted to save you time and resources, so that your team can focus on executing on your funding and innovation goals.

Whether you are at a global research university, government authority, early stage investment firm, or consulting agency,  please consider us as a partner to leverage. If you need support for your gap funding priorities, we are your resource.

Whether you are starting a fund or developing an existing program, we create a specialized report that incorporates tactics and data from a set of identified, peer institutions to uncover strategic insights and direction for you program. A market report customized to your institution.
Let us spend a day or two with your staff and stakeholders. We will present findings tailored to your organization, and then meet with other stakeholder groups. The goal of this effort is to inform and create momentum surrounding gap funding initiatives for your organization. (In-person, or virtual)
Everyone is concerned with measuring and reporting the effectiveness and impact of initiatives — gap funding programs are no different. We have crafted a unique set of impact measures that align with the mission of your organization, so that you can clearly demonstrate (to leadership and stakeholders) your fund’s role in driving the organization’s priorities.
We have created a proprietary system of evaluating technologies and start-ups based on investment and sector interest ;Demonstrated in MEMS Industry Journal. We will create a roadmap for your gap technologies and start-ups, and identify partners that are interested in supporting you. This forms the basis for a robust partnering and marketing strategy for these opportunities.This system also works for outside groups looking to connect with gap funded technologies and start-ups.
Either independent or connected to the CapAttract exercise, we will deliver personalize events that display your gap deals or needs to interested parties (In-person or virtual). Some past examples have included:

An established gap fund runs a quarterly broadcast of new/former deals to a network of angels, venture firms and high-tech companies
Early stage investor/firm would like a day long event that brings together the top gap deals in their sectors of interest
New gap funds would like a personal discussion with current fund managers to plan your initiatives

Gap Fund Service Interests

Who We Serve

  • Research Universities, Hospitals, and Institutions

  • Accelerators and Incubators

  • State and Federal Economic Development and Innovation Agencies

  • Angel Investors and Venture Capital

  • Corporate Innovation and Venture Groups

What We Cover

  • Translational Research Gap Funds

  • Proof of Concept Gap Funds

  • Start-up and Venture Gap Funds

  • Government-supported Innovation Initiatives and Funds

  • Angel Investors and Angel Networks

  • Corporate and Venture Capital

  • Crowdfunding

  • Student Venture Funds and Competitions


The Mind the Gap initiative has helped the technology transfer community focus on emerging practices in university-affiliated gap funding. The Mind the Gap initiative is the primary, comprehensive source for POC and early stage funding information and resources that the community, including my operations, turns to for understanding and insight.
David Allen, Tech Launch Arizona
As a Fund Manager designing and implementing an organically grown Technology Development Fund, these reports were invaluable in understanding metrics and what other institutions are accomplishing
Michael Rusnak, Medical University of South Carolina
Mind the Gap is the premier source for aggregated information regarding university-affiliated gap funding practices. It has been invaluable to us in our ongoing efforts to evaluate creative approaches for structuring seed and early-stage investment collaborations with universities and federal labs. Mind the Gap represents a valuable connection point to universities with leading edge commercialization programs, and as a result, a source of market-leading technology opportunities
John Banta, Blue Cross Blue Shield Venture Partners