WSU Ventures is helping fund an expanded partnership between Denver-based Molon Labe Designs ant the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University.

The university said in a press release Thursday that WSU Ventures — the university’s technology transfer organization — helped Molon enter into an agreement with WSU Investment Corp. and, in exchange for a small share in the company, it will now have access to university resources at a greatly reduced cost.The deal stems from an existing partnership between Molon and NIAR that began in mid-2014.

Molon, an aircraft interiors business, began working with NIAR at that time on a new aircraft seat design.

It was a partnership so beneficial that the company decided to expand the relationship from a few days of testing with NIAR to a year-long commitment.

The deal with WSU Ventures makes that extension financially feasible.

“We want businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups to come to us whether they need assistance with prototype or concept development, testing or product research,” said Mark Torline, director of WSU Ventures. “We can link them with the resources they need.”

Physical testing on Molon’s new Side-Slip Seat is expected to begin this summer.

You can see more about the seats, designed to create more comfort for passengers and improved efficiency for airlines, on Molon’s website.

Source: WSU Ventures at Wichita State University helps fund partnership between NIAR and Denver start-up Molon Labe Designs – Wichita Business Journal